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bring cool beans comedy to you

Cool Beans Entertainment and Cool Beans Comedy can bring humor to any special occasion. From corporate holiday parties and business seminars to Student Union events, Cool Beans brings out the fun in any situation. 

We can customize your show experience—even tailor evening’s humor to target your audience. Our MC can poke fun of certain business plans, or even playfully rouse executives, all in good fun. 

For on-site special event shows, we recommend a 60-70 minute show. This would include an MC and three comics performing 15-20 minutes each. This gives the audience a fun mixture of comedic material, while keeping the evening open for other festivities, and conversing with co-workers and family members.  We have produced shows at The Queen Mary for more than 250 guests and private back-yard birthday parties; we can customize a show to your specifications.  

Each comic has his or her own individual sense of humor, style, and material. Unless otherwise specified, all shows are R-rated with topics ranging from social networks to first-date horror stories to holiday shenanigans from years past. Nothing is off-limits. However, we can tailor a show to PG-13 material.

We bring you the best comics available to give you a night of hilarity at your event location, or book a private show at a theatre or comedy club, just for you.  The Cool Beans comedy experience is a great way to give your employees a special thank you for all of their hard work, or to really make that holiday party unique and memorable.

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