Corporate training

It’s time to invest in your team of employees!

Past Clients: Warner Bros. Studio Tour Hollywood, Peak Financial Inc.

Objective: To provide a fun, interactive, hands-on instructional learning experience for employees, simultaneously showing appreciation and gratitude for all that they do.

Value Proposition: Employees will receive coaching by skilled professionals. Through improvisation and other exercises, individuals will practice lessons in active listening, “yes, and-ing,” and staying present in routine situations and tasks. The focus will be on becoming more engaged, promoting a sense of camaraderie between peers, and approaching each and every day-to-day task as a fresh experience.

The program will reinforce a culture of inclusion, engagement, appreciation, and recognition that will help increase job satisfaction and individual confidence. These program benefits are known to drive retention and improvement in overall employee performance.

Activities will leverage your employee populations’ natural strengths and enhance existing skill sets that directly impact teamwork and guest relations; while reinforcing your core values and strengthening your brand’s internal perception.

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